ENABLE TBC SEND button for transactions


We glad to say that thebillioncoin is ready to make history by launching fiat exchanger and the virtual shopping cards that are used for online shopping
Many partners are ready to invest in online store now.

You also be part of this process..
We have more than 100 customers verified and enabled send button.

To enable send button on your tbc account  there are  some terms and conditions:

  1. You should be Member of thebillioncoin.info verified email
  2. you should have an account on tbc004.net verified email
  3. One time payment of $10 BTC BITCOIN fee
  4. send the btc to:16C2N45TtFAf9tQ9mYvAX6u7yMjoBhR2Ri


After successful payment then;

send the following to tbc admin

  1. Transaction id of the BTC payment or screenshot of payment BTC trasanction
  2.  Your tbc email
  3. send to [email protected]

WARNING: Do not a message for verification, if you have not paid or sent the $10 BTC FEE or else your tbc wallet account will be permanently deleted from the tbc community.

Best Regards,
Thebillioncoin community.

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